The are several old windmills on Meganisi and the neighbouring islets of Kalamos (Photo) and Kastos. Most of them, unfortunately, are now derelict. Scattered over the hillsides to catch the winds, the windmills of Meganisi are often difficult to reach.

Several shells of old windmills can be seen on the hillside above Atherinos on Meganisi and they must have been a glorious site when operational in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Many were sited on steep sided slopes to gain full advantage of the southerly winds. Windmills were privately owned and took their names from the owners such as Bakolas Mill and Hymos Mill.

There are thought to be about 40 mills on Meganisi – many more if you count Kalamos and Kastos – but all that remains of most are the circles of the threshing floors.

Also of interest on Meganisi are the water wells which can be found the the island villages. None are used to actually draw water but they make an attractive sight. The Ferentinos well, in Spilia, is typical.

Old olive presses, too, can still be found on the islands. Olive groves are everywhere and many of the trees are ancient. Scores of island olive presses have been lost but a few survive. The traditional Zavitsanos press, in Spartochori, is still used for the island’s autumn olive harvest. There are plans to restore a donkey-powered olive-press in Vathy and to turn it into an industrial museum.